Tent Adventures EP

by Susanna Morris

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released April 7, 2013



all rights reserved


Susanna Morris Kennewick, Washington

Here's some stuff I've made.

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Track Name: Lonely
Now that I'm alone,
I can do anything.
'Cause being on my own
Is so empowering.
But that's just a lie
That I tell to everyone around me.
But that's just a lie
That I tell myself.

Oh, I'm lonely,
Oh, when I'm not alone.

Now that you've gone away
I spend a lot of time thinking when I shouldn't be.
And I wish that you'd stayed just a little bit longer.
Now I listen to music that comforts me
Since you can't anymore.
Now I listen to music
That I used to hate.
Track Name: Silly Things (a lullaby)
Good morning,
I hope that you slept well my dear.
I'll hum these whispered songs
Right into your ear.
And wipe away
Any trace of fear.

I know that you
Have been having nightmares.
But offer your smile,
And I'll make it all clear.
'Cause you are the
Only thing that I like right now.
And you are the best thing.
At your feet, I'd bow.
Track Name: Rough
I am feeling so alone
And I'm dealing with some things
I can't do on my own.
I just need someone
To come and pick me up.

'Cause I am battling,
And I've got the scars to prove it.
And I am trying,
But all I have is music.
And maybe that, sometimes, is enough.
But sometimes it's really rough.

And I'm watching my favorite movies
Over and over again.
And I am getting kind of sick of them.
I never thought that'd be possible,
But I guess it is,
'Cause I just need someone to watch them with.